Sunday, October 30, 2011

Library Halloween Party

We LOVE going to the library for story time so of course we had to go to the library Halloween party. Our good friends Julie, Jaxon, and Miraim came meet up with us there. I can forsee these boys getting in loads of trouble as they get older ;) We sure do love our friends! Our church's play group was also there. Its always so much more fun when there are people around that you know. Especially when one of them is Nana Jackson. The boys of course had so much more fun with her around! The party was a lot of fun. They read books and sang songs. There was so much good food and of course lots of good sweets. The boys had a blast getting the goody bags and playing with everything inside. I would like to personally thank whoever puts stamps inside the bags. The boys were covered in stamps for two days and I found little stamp prints all over my house! ;)

Yay! Nana is here!

Our buddies

Lots of yummy food

Oh boys will be boys!

Silly Kristen in the background!

Julie and I

He calls smarties "potty treats" because everytime they go potty in the big boy potty they get a smartie!

Church playgroup

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