Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Family Vacation {Part 2}

I had no idea the Corpus had a botanical garden so we had to go explore! It was pretty small and very hot outside but there were actually a lot of very cool animals and some very interesting plants.

 So there was this great butterfly garden there and the boys wanted a butterfly to land on them so bad! It was hard trying to help them and I really wanted them to be happy. There was a stand out with some fruit on it and they finally got a chance to touch a butterfly! I just love their faces as the are running off! JOY!

 Brighton was pretty tired so Justin took her to the car and the boys and I went on a nature walk. It was a lot longer than expected and super hot but we had a great time exploring! the boys decided on stamps as their souvenir from the gift shop. I of course must have been suffering from the heat and got it for them. About halfway to our hotel I turned around and saw this...
 Great memories...big messes.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Family Vacation {Part 1}

This summer we decided to take the kids to our favorite vacation spot in Texas, Corpus Christi. We had just potty trained the boys so I was a bit worried about how the three plus hour drive would go. We had to stop about every twenty minutes to pull over for potty breaks but after they fell asleep we made a longer distances between restroom breaks! This trip was extra fun because my cousin and his family were also in Corpus with a bunch of their friends so we were able to accompany them to many places and have fun together. Well you know me I took a bunch of pictures so I am going to break this vacation into a few different blog posts.
One of our favorite places in Corpus is the Texas State Aquarium. It was a very rainy first couple of days so we really enjoyed being inside and seeing all the different animals.
There is a really neat water splash play area at the aquarium that the boys had a blast with!

 There is was this new exhibit that had tons of stuffed animals that looked really cool on the flyer we had so we decided to go check it out. It was not really what I had expected at all and it smelled a little funny but the boys really liked seeing all the animals. Even Brighton had a good time!

We had lunch at this super cool Mexican restaurant right on the beach. The boys went and flew a kite. The restrant had a really cute kids meal that was mac and cheese “ocean” with “fish” goldfish, and a “octopus” a hot dog cut up. It was really fun and the food was great!

 I was also a bit worried about how our hotel experience would be but we had a really good time. The boys did really well and actually slept in the hide a bed. We read stories every night and basically stayed in the same routine we do at home. Brighton of course was a champ and did really good.
We also had a really great time swimming in the hotel pool!
I love how much her brothers love her. Such a sweet moment when we caught Kingston sharing the iPad with her.
More pictures and fun to come very soon! Stayed tuned :)