Monday, February 28, 2011

I mean come on! Use a napkin...

I knew babies were messy, I knew boys were extra messy, but seriously...These boys are ridiculous!


Its a bird, Its a plane, NO its Super London and Kingston!

Terrific Twins

Some days are better than others, but most days are great! I feel so blessed to have these twins in my life. I remember when they were first born all the questions, are they twins? are the identical? do you have twins in your family? or the statement I always wanted twins! I never thought about having twins, and I don't think I want another set of twins, but I am so happy I have them. They are a lot of work and I can't even imagine all the work higher order multiple families do it! But I guess you just do what you have to do and enjoy the ride! London and Kingston are amazing, active two year olds and I love them so much!                                                  

One second he is awake and the next he's gone...

After returning home from a busy day running errands I started to put away the groceries. The boys came in happy and ready to play. I finished putting away the groceries and this is what I saw when I turned the corner. Sweet Kingston must have been exhausted and passed out on his bike! Sweet boy...

The Peanut Butter Incident

Well a few months ago in our old apartment in San Marcos we had an incident happen. We have to baby proof with these boys, they are into everything, and we thought we did a pretty good job of that untill we found this... Justin was in charge of watching the boys and that's when he heard it, silence, a scary thing. He peeked around the corner into the kitchen and found the boys with a jar of opened peanut butter scooping handfuls out! I mean really! The jar was closed tightly in a "child locked" pantry! Of course he came and got me to take some pictures before we rebuked and cleaned up! Priceless moment...
Look at those guilty faces




He is looking at me like "what mom?"

London did it in the kitchen with the golf club

Kingston's First Haircut

I love Kingston's hair! It is long and beautiful, but when it started to look a little like a mullet I knew it was time. My good friend Brandilyn Ferguson cut my little boy's hair and it turned out wonderful!