Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Valentine's 2011

Its the month of LOVE ! I LOVE my family so much. I am so grateful  to have been blessed by my wonderful family. I am grateful to have such amazing parents who love me and are always there for me and I couldn't be a luckier to have such great mother and father in law, I am amazed by them everyday. I love and cherish my sister who I grow closer to everyday and I love my brother in law Josh who has a such a sweet spirit. I love my husband Justin who loves me for who I am and supports me and out family. I LOVE my boys London and Kingston, they are a joy and little shining lights in my life! I love ALL my many extended family members and am so grateful to be apart of this great family. I love all my friends out there and am grateful for you and your presence in my life! Happy Valentines Day/month! Photography by Stephanie Huebinger

Sweet Kingston

Lovable London

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