Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Family Vacation {Part 2}

I had no idea the Corpus had a botanical garden so we had to go explore! It was pretty small and very hot outside but there were actually a lot of very cool animals and some very interesting plants.

 So there was this great butterfly garden there and the boys wanted a butterfly to land on them so bad! It was hard trying to help them and I really wanted them to be happy. There was a stand out with some fruit on it and they finally got a chance to touch a butterfly! I just love their faces as the are running off! JOY!

 Brighton was pretty tired so Justin took her to the car and the boys and I went on a nature walk. It was a lot longer than expected and super hot but we had a great time exploring! the boys decided on stamps as their souvenir from the gift shop. I of course must have been suffering from the heat and got it for them. About halfway to our hotel I turned around and saw this...
 Great memories...big messes.

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