Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festival

So our church has a Fall Festival every year and it is always SO much fun! The boys have SO much fun running around and playing all the games and jumping the bouncy houses. There is a chili cook off and I always try to win but never day I will though! I would say the boys eat a great dinner that night but I would be lying they eat SO many sweets its crazy! But hey they are having so much fun and so am I so whatever! :) We left a little early this year so the boys went trunk-or-treating with Nana and Papa Jackson. The boys love spending time with the Nanas and the Papas!
I am pretty sure they could have stayed in there the whole time!

Kingston loves this game

Sweet eyes

Great throw London!

Kingston has a great arm!

London's favorite place to be with the animals

What we can have as many treats as we want?

Love these lashes!

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