Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boys 3rd Birthday

I can't believe my little boys are 3 years old! I am so lucky to be their mom and couldn't be prouder of them. They are such sweet boys who are going up too fast! I love how my sweet London is such a good helper and even though its frustrating at times, I like how unique he is. He likes anything mechanical and that is not a toy. Kingston is a boy through and through. He loves train and cars, and pretty much any toy. I love them with all my mommy heart. We had their party at Safari Champ this year. It was so much fun! I love birthday parties even though they are stressful to plan it always turns out great! Thanks to all who came and celebrated this special day with us!

I LOVE birthday cakes and this years cakes were awesome!! I really want to make sure the boys each get their own cake and make sure its special to them. Kingston loves trains and London loves iPods, I love how she created these cakes especially for them!
Kingston was having a bit of a rough morning

Its not just for kids!

Kingston and Papa

Love our cute cousins!

Buddies through and through!

Sweet London

Kingston finally enjoying his party! Such a great smile!

Can't separate these guys!

Jenna & Liana

Wow I didn't know you could bring guns to the party? Should have checked those at the door Mark!

Notice anything gross in this picture? Seriously ketchup on pizza ewww!


So we got a visit from a "lion" with our party package...I think I would have just preferred some extra sodas...

Birthday boys

GO Sheri!

Nana & Kingston

Love these amazing ladies!

Justin and Papa Polson

Miriam and a creepy tree

Time for cake!

I LOVE this picture because I can hear Kingston saying "chooo chooo"

Ahhh yes if you were wondering Brighton was there. She slept the whole time, and she even brought a date...the very handsome Briggs Ferguson!

3 year old Kingston

3 year old London

I LOVE this picture!

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