Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Gender Party

So ever since I saw a show on TCL where a family announced the gender of their baby through a cake to their family and friends I knew I had to do it too. I love the idea of finding out such news with loved ones instead of being alone in a small room with an ultrasound technician that you hardly know! And we always need a reason to get together and party right? So I would have been happy either way but I must admit I did really want a girl. I posted a little poll on facebook and everyone was predicting a girl. I was preparing myself for it to be a boy, so when I cut into that cake and it was nothing but pink, I was overcome with emotion. I am so grateful that the lord has blessed our family with a daughter. I am also overcome with love and gratitude for all my friends and family who came to celebrate with us. Thank you to my mom, sister, and dad for all their hard working in getting the party planned and setup. I love you all very much and am so excited to welcome
Brighton Kay Polson to the world around December 31!
Our growing family

I asked them to smile...

Brother hug

Love these guys

Beautiful ladies! Thanks for coming y'all!

Love these girls!!!

I love that Keri's family dressed all in yellow to support us if was a boy or a girl! Cute idea!

The cake before...Kingston decided to grab it hence the duck on the cake!

The moment right before

I don't really remember anything after this!

Tears of joy and surprise!

Love this picture of my folks

Its a GIRL!!!

Joshy and my mother in law Danene...SO excited for a girl!

Rachel & I Thanks for taking some great photos for me!


  1. So excited for you Jenny! We can't wait to meet her and of course she will be every bit as gorgeous as you are!

  2. LOVE the name! and of course we are super excited that yall are having a girl! wish we had thought of this idea when we found out - looks like so much fun!

  3. Congrats Jenny! Looks like the party was fun. Sad that we had to miss out. So happy for you and Justin! p.s. I heard that you are moving into our ward? :) Is it true? If so, YEAH!!!

  4. We are so happy for you guys!!! I too watched the same show on TLC that you did!! It looks like the party was so fun!! Congratulations!!!

  5. I loved it and am sooooo excited for you all!! My favorite moment which I am not sure you noticed but the boys were putting the ducks on the cake and they put cute!!