Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Disney Day 2 Part 3

So there we not too many rides the boys could go on, but we did go on the People Mover which was pretty boring but gave us a nice break from walking and a little tour of Tomorrow Land. We also went on the Buzz Lightyear ride which we thought the boys would love, but I think there were a bit overwhelmed at this point of the day. We also meet Buzz, which we thought was Kingston's idol, he seemed like he could care less but I think he was just in shock on meeting the "real" Buzz! The boys love their Nana and Papa and they usually let the boys do things we wouldn't normally let them do. Like hang on the railing on the bus, which the boys had a ball, but the grandparents got in trouble by the bus driver!

hands up for this "crazy" ride!

Yummy cotton candy

and its a mess!

naughty naughty

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