Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fourth of July Lake house

We had so much fun at the Lake house with a few of our friends on the Fourth of July! I am so grateful for my family for sharing the lake house with us.  Here are a few photos documenting the day.

The kids loved this magnetic dart board

The boys favorite thing to cart rides

seriously this kids melts my heart with those eyes and lashes

It has to be a guy thing right?

Sweet Miriam hanging out

Chase and Tyson ready for a boat ride!

I call these guys The Three Amigos

Daddy and his boys

Jaxon and Mark



Seriously Brad was awesome at wakeboarding

Ryan chilling in the boat

showing off his mad skills

Jaxon checking out the wakeboarding

Mark makes a valiant attempt at it!

Ryan and Justin

Taking a swim break

Justin showing off his nice legs

The Ferguson's, Polson's, Lauritzen's, and Allen's

You know they look like they are up to no good!

The end of the day...

Love these boys with all my heart!

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