Sunday, July 24, 2011

Disney Trip

Ok FINALLY! I have SO many fun pictures from this trip it has taken me some time to get my life sorted out enough to get working on them. I also have so many I will post a few every couple of days. Let's start with Day 1. I worked really hard on getting the boys fun new things for the airplane ride, I even wrapped a few things so it would be fun for them to open the gifts! My plan worked and the flight was a success. Much easier than the 11 hour flight to Hawaii! We made it to our hotel and had a yummy lunch. I love that everything is so geared towards the family and children and Disney World. The plates were super cute and shaped like Mickey Mouse. We decided to go to the main park and try a few rides. The lines were sooo long but I guess that is a part of going to Disney during spring break. I think the boys were slightly overtired from the ride and the park. But we had a great first day!

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