Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter 2011 Portriats

Well the boys did so much better with a real bunny than with the life sized bunny at the mall! My dear friend Stephanie Huebinger took these priceless photos of the boys with a real bunny. I love them so much and they did so well. Kingston was totally captivated by the bunny and I'm sure if he could talk he would be asking for a pet rabbit. Luckily he can't talk that much because I am not a fan of pet rabbits! I decided to also take the boys to see the life sized Easter bunny at Lakeline Mall. I thought Kingston would do fine and London would have the same reaction as he had when he had his pictures taken with Santa. Sure enough they both aren't fans of the Easter bunny...

Not Fans of the bunny

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  1. wow, what great smiles, and I love the shot at the end!!! 2 makes it just a bit more fun;)